Filled in Lucullus Chard Row


11/25/2020 – The Lucullus Chard sowed 8/26/2020 in the south 3/4’s of Row 6 has long gaps even though what did come up looks pretty good. Soaked one packet of seeds in warm water for a couple of hours and sowed them in the gaps.

Used the garden rake to break up and level the gaps. Used the rake’s handle to drag in a ½”-1″ groove and dribbled in the seeds that had been dried up some with grits. Pulled soil back over the grooves and seed/grits. Flipped the rake over and used the straight bar to lightly crease over the groove as best I could guess where the groove had been. The idea is to tighten up the soil in the area of the seeds but not so much it would crust over.

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