Fertilized Lawn including Extinguish


4/14/2020 – Mixed 4 sacks of 15-0-15 (with iron) with Extinguish in the wheelbarrow and spread it with the JD spreader behind the mower.

Weighted out Extinguish in a small plastic Folgers coffee “can” and filled to the bottom of the threads weighted 10.5 oz. Mixed one “can” full into a 50 lb. sack of fertilizer to give us a bit stronger mix than used last year. Finished the 4.5 lb. jug bought last year.

The 2.5 setting for the spreader as recorded from last year dumped far too much on the first pass. That pass was around the edge of the rail fence from the yard garden to the old oak and around it to the trailer. Should be very green.

Also spread some in the barn yard up to the temporary fence installed while the pond is being dug.

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