Fertilized Citrus & Fruit Trees due to Ida’s 13″ of Rain

Plants/Trees Yard

8/31/2021 – This morning the two days of rains from Hurricane Ida ended after dumping 13 inches on the trees. To compensate for the nutrients that were washed away applied Jack’s Citrus FeED 20-10-20 with micronutrients by JR Peters.

Mixed it per the instructions at 1 tbsp per gallon; i.e. 2 tbsp in the 2-gallon watering cans. Poured on each tree one watering can—2 gallons—of the fertilizer and nutrients under the canopy and up to 1 foot beyond on the lemon, satsuma trees, and the blood orange tree; including the one at the garden.

Spread 15-0-15 around the two peach trees and the pear tree in the Citrus Grove.

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