Fertilized and Mulched Blueberries

Fruit & Nuts

7/19/2019 – This feeding is based on the advice at UF/IFAS’s Blueberry Gardener’s Guide1. The relevant advice we followed or will follow is below.

  • Blueberries respond best to frequent, light fertilization.
  • In the [plant’s] third year and beyond, use 3 ounces of fertilizer (12-4-8) per plant per application spread evenly over a 4-foot diameter circle, or broadcast in a continuous band 3–4 feet wide, centered on the plant row.
  • Repeat this procedure in April, June, August, and October.

Spread the 15-0-15 fertilizer evenly 3′-4′ wide along each side of the row of bushes. Used 15-0-15 as it is low potash as is the recommendation…and it is what we have. Will repeat this in October.

In addition, we spread 2 sacks of cottonseed meal on the row and the two next to the driveway.

After fertilizing the bushes we added about 6″ of hay straw as mulch along the row of bushes.

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