Fed the Roses Our Concoction & Sprayed


8/13/2021 – The summer heat and very wet times have begun to show as some of the roses are not blooming as they had been. And the Knockouts at the front door are losing lower leaves…although they are blooming well. It is past time to feed them by a couple of weeks so this feeding should make a difference. Note they were sprayed with Mancozeb last week.

This feeding was mixed using our 4-gallon concentrate process. We put into a 5-gallon bucket with 4 gallons of water:

  • a cup of Miracle Grow,
  • a cup of Fish Emulsion, and
  • a cup of Chelated Iron by Southern Ag.

Dipped out 2 quarts for each 2-gallon watering can then filled the cans with water. Poured the concoction on each rose with about 2 quarts on the large ones and one on the smaller plants.

We did not include Epsom Salts as it was sprayed on this date mixed at 1 tablespoon per gallon. The idea is it will get to the leaves quicker if sprayed for the shorter remaining growing season.

The four gallons of concentrate was enough to feed all the roses.

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