Fed the Lawn with 15-0-15 plus Extinguish


3/7/2021 – Using the first planning for this application of fertilizer and ant killer here, we:

  1. mixed 8 ounces by weight of Extinguish (that filled a Ball quart wide mouth jar almost up to the top of the “B” in Ball) into one 50 lb. bag of 15-0-15+3% iron from AGFA in the wheelbarrow with a shovel.
  2. mixed 2 more bags and put them into the JD pull behind spreader as they were mixed.
  3. set the spreader to 2 and went across the Kitchen yard, across the front of the house, and around the front yard. Made about 2 laps when realized it was not spreading as the gearbox was clicking and must be stripped. The lime spread on the pond the other day must have worn it out.
  4. Shoveled the mixture into the little green push spreader and spread:
    1. the remainder of the front yard;
    2. the back yard over to the orchard fence and north to the orchard gate
    3. the area between the driveway and the lady daylily bed north to the old oak.
    4. Went around the lady bed with the spreader tilted so it threw the mixture up to the statue.
    5. Around the old oak and deck one pass and the area under the big swing over to the driveway.
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