Fed the Hydrangeas


7/29/2021 –  Fed 8-8-8 to the Hydrangeas scattered around the drip line. This feeding is based on advice here from the MS Extension Service.

  • The two larger mop head Hydrangeas (4-5 ft high) on the east side and south side of the backyard got a cup each.
  • The smaller ones (3 ft high) in the SE corner of the front yard got ½ cup each.
  • The four along the west side of the back patio (4-5 ft high) got 1½ cups total scattered along both sides.
  • In the bed along the front of the house the east small panicle hydrangea (3 ft high) got ½ cup and the west large one (5 ft high) got 1 cup.

All the hydrangeas have bloomed regularly and look healthy since the similar feedings earlier this year.

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