Fed Roses and more with a Concoction


5/22/2020 – Fed all the roses with the concoction below that was added to 4 gallons of water (16 quarts) in a 5-gallon bucket. Mixing was much easier done this way and the feeding went much quicker.

Dipped out a quart for each 2-gallon watering can which gave us 1 tbsp per 2 gallons, and put 1/2 gallon on each rose. See note below as that was only half what I wanted to feed.

  1. 1 Cup (16 tbsp) of Miracle Grow
  2. 1 Cup (16 tbsp) of fish emulsion
  3. 1 Cup (16 tbsp) of Southern Ag’s chelated iron

Rose count for this feeding.

  • Knock Outs – 12
  • Floribundas – 10
  • Teas – 8 including the four in pots
  • Climbing Pinks – either side of the gate and the new ones in the southwest corner of the pond yard.

Had some left over so put more on the:

  • big Knock Outs at the front porch;
  • hydrangeas either side of the front porch;
  • the little sickly azaleas under the office window;
  • the ginger plant and shrimp plant under the Frescati.


  1. This was a light feeding as each watering can should have gotten 2 quarts of the solution so they would each have had 2 tbsp of each component. Oh well.
  2. Either make it twice as strong or put 1 gallon on each rose instead of only 1/2 gallon.
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