Sowed Replacement Pepper Chile G76

The six Pepper Chile G76 F1, Anaheim style seedlings transplanted 4/26/2021 into the garden look yellow, several have lost all their leaves, and no one has grown since transplanting. There is some evidence of magnesium deficiency and hence they were sprayed two days ago with Epsom Salts. Today Mary sowed twelve replacements in the greenhouse. […]

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Treated Pond for Filamentous Algae

4/29/2021 – Sprayed Cutrine Plus Liquid Algeacide by Applied Biochemists around the perimeter of the pond where the Filamentous Algae is floating near and at the shore. The label is here. Planned to treat 10 ft. from the shore. The pond’s perimeter is 550 LF and average diameter is 175 ft. Area of a 175 […]

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