Sprayed Hort Oil

2/15/2019 – Sprayed 2.5 T per gallon of Monterey Horticultural Oil on the following: Mary’s large garden in the areas of holes in the leafs Bay Tree and roses in that bed that are beginning to sprout New camellias along the fence next to the pecan orchard new encore azalea at the gate new camellia […]

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Feeding the Mules

This post was originally a Page for the Grandkids. They can now see all the posts we think they will enjoy most by clicking the “Grandkids” tag. December 2018 to spring 2019 – Every morning Grandma fills her bucket with a special horse feed for older horses and mules and feeds these two old folks; […]

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Mulched improved beds and planted Gardenias

Extended the flower bed in the backyard (now a veggie garden) under the electrical panel and meter, to the north to cover the pump houses. Bought 1 scoop of crushed pine bark mulch and mulched: the wider beds either side of the driveway outside the fence where the climbing roses are and the new roses […]

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