Emergency Standby Generator Installation


08/06/2019 – Taylor Power Systems delivered a precast concrete pad, the automatic transfer switch, and the 20 KW, 200 amp, Briggs and Stratton Fortress Residential Standby generator. Fergie and I helped lift it off the trailer and set it on the slab.

The day before, Mary and I pulled out the azalea, cleaned out the loose dirt, compacted the other with an 8-ft 4×4, and fill the hole with masonry sand from Woerner Landscaping.


08/06/2019 – Justice Williamson ran a 3/8″ copper natural gas line from the meter around the house to the unit. He set a regulator at the unit.

8/7/2019 – David Godwin, by himself, buried a power and control conduit from the generator to the new automatic transfer switch he mounted on the wall next to the APCO meter.

8/8/2019 – Jimmy with Taylor Power Systems and helper started the generator. We now have whole-house backup power!!!

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