Driskells Harvested Peanuts


11/3-6/2019 – Driskel Cotton Farm picked the windrowed peanuts with four combines, a special trailer, and lots of dust. This post is to show our Grandkids the process of gathering peanuts.

First – Dig up the peanut plants so the peanuts dry out.

This tractor and attachment digs up the peanut plants then flips them over to dry.

Next – Use combines to remove the peanut from the plants.

This machine is a Combine to remove the peanut from the plants.

Next – The combine unloads the peanuts into a special wagon pulled by a tractor.

A different kind of Combine pulled by a tractor and the special wagon to haul the peanuts.

Next – The special wagon lifts the peanuts over the side of a trailer and dumps them in. Once the trailer is almost full, a man climbs up on top of the peanuts to level them so the truck is completely full.

Next – The 18-wheeler truck takes the trailer full of peanuts to sell them.

This type of peanut is grown for the oil. They are not sold to be eaten like those you buy in the plastic tubes or the cans of nuts.

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