Divided Daylilies


The bed along the wood fence between the Crepes was cleaned out –other than the ends–of the wildflowers that were mostly clover last week. Used the Troy-Bilt cultivator till the soil that was hard other than next to the crepes and plumbago where it is moist from our watering the plants.

Pried off fans from the largest clumps of daylilies and Mary filled in creating diamond layouts that are going to look great.

We had left the east end with wildflowers as it seemed to have some that were about to bloom. We had also left the small triangular spot at the crepe nearest the pecan near the gate and clover along the fence under the pecan. We decided to take out the clover along the fence. That looked much better so took out the small triangular area. That looked sooo much better we took out the large area of remaining clover with a few wildflowers in the SE corner at the power pole.

We were exhausted.

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