Digging Peanuts


10/15/2019 – Today Driskel Cotton Farms began digging the peanuts planted this year. The digging attachment needs a big tractor that moves slowly. It moves slowly so the peanuts are not knock off the vine as they are being dug up. They are dug up so the sun can dry them. They need to dry before the machine comes that takes them off the vine, shells them and puts them in a big truck to sell.

The picture at the top of this post is the digging machine about to be set down in the ground to start digging the peanuts and their vines. The picture below is of it digging up the peanuts and vines.

Now it is digging up the peanuts and their vines. See them coming up between the shakers.
The peanut and the vines are now drying in these rows.
Peanuts now drying on the vine. A machine will soon pick them off the vines, break them out of their hulls, and put them in a truck to be sold.

Note – This post is to share with our grandchildren the day on the farm.

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