Daylily Beds east of Driveway Weeded and Fed


3/5/2021 – For the past week we have worked on weeding the beds with daylilies east of the driveway. Today we fed the daylilies the Hooker formula minus the Epsom Salts. We left out the Epsom Salts and again soil tests show the soil has Very High Magnesium levels.

We put a cup of Miracle Grow, a cup of Fish Emulsion, and a cup of Chelated Iron by Southern Ag into a 5-gallon bucket with 4 gallons of water. Dipped out 2 quarts for each 2 gallon watering can then filled the cans with water. Poured the concoction on each daylily with at least a about 2 quarts on the large ones and one on the smaller clumps.

The daylilies west of the driveway we weeded and fed a week or so ago look great.

3/11/2021 – Mulched the daylily bed at the pond yard gate to the road. Spread about 2″ deep after weeding. This was the first time the bed has been mulched that deep but about the third time it has be mulched.

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