Cut Aspidistras Removing Dead Ends & Updates


4/6/2021 – Every year since we planted them, the aspidistras around the two old pecans along the driveway, have had most of their leaves with dead ends, as much as half-dead, and have looked unsightly. Research into why found that it is due to too much direct sun and/or fungus. Given the pecan’s lose their leaves in the winter, and this is a very humid area of the deep south, we likely have both issues.

Last year we trimmed out the worst of the dead leaves and they looked better for a while. But after this winter, 2021, they looked worse than ever.

Found where some folks cut them all they way back and they came out quickly with healthy new leaves. So, that is what we did. Then, when loading the three loads of leaves on the Gator, we found a lot of small white fungus spots.

Sprayed the stubs of the leaf stalks with Mancozeb as, like many leaves, most of the stubs had small white fungus spots. Sprayed them until the fungicide ran down the stems into the pecan tree leaves that lie among them.

5/1/2021 – New shoots are starting to appear.

5/5/2021 – A lot of new shoots are showing. The pecan trees are leafing out and daily providing more shade.

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