Cutting back, Killing Chinese Tallow, and Johnson Grass

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A Great Sunrise

I cut down the tall bush at the electrical meter and the Pyracanthas at the bell and at the west wall of the house. Used the little tractor and 3-point hitch flat-bed to haul it all to the burn pile. Looks much cleaner, the electrical drop is not at risk and the Pyracanthas will not stick us again.

Went to the store and got 5 gallons of diesel. Mixed a gallon of Remedy (the last of the first gallon) and sprayed the Pyracantha stumps and the small Chinese Tallow trees that had not died across the street and along the west yard fence. Did not have my machete so did not hit the trees that survived. Left it for Frank. Remedy worked great on everything I sprayed last time.

Mixed a gallon of Roundup and sprayed the Johnson grass across the street.

Followup – The Remedy worked great as did the Round-Up on the Johnson Grass.

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