Bush Hogged further into the Springs and the steep slopes of the head

Creek, Springs and east slope

11/21/2019 – Bush hogged with Fergie:

  1. a wide path easterly in the middle of the east edge of the creek field about 50 to the drop-off.
  2. a mower width wider in the Point area;
  3. 3 mower widths further under the old live oak;
  4. 4-5 mower widths further into the south side of the Springs west of the old live oak;
  5. cleaned up the stubble in the Head to be ready for wildflower sowing;
  6. 1-3 mower widths further into the Springs in 4 or 5 places along the north side, east to where the brush line veers SE and it becomes very dense. The plan is to stay focused on the above sections until they are in good shape and work on that dense area maybe next year.
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