Built Daylily Nursery Bed


5/12/2020 – Yesterday afternoon we tilled an 8’x8′ bed around the Martin House pole. This morning we hauled in more topsoil from the construction of Ranger’s Shed and raised it some.

We removed clumps from the Lady Bed and 2nd year young ones to make room for the two Savanah Debutants and two Moses Fire I got Mary for Mother’s Day.

Mary planted her 23 seedlings she grew over the winter from last year’s seeds. She had very good germination and the plants are strong. She was very pleased to find such good roots. They germinated well in 2″ square plastic pots. The guidance we followed was from here by Joe Agosta, Tallahassee, Florida. His advice was:

“When the first seedlings have opened their second leaves you may start fertilizing every third day with a half-strength solution of Miracle Grow. Continue the watering and fertilizing until the seedlings are about 6 inches tall. The seedlings can then be transplanted into the garden or into larger pots providing at least a 4 to 6 inch space between individual seedlings.”

We did not fertilize with the half-strength of Miracle Grow as they have good color and are strong.

The intent with the bed was to have some space to grow into. But, alas, it is full of babies and four mature clumps.

The south two corners were planted with the Bonus Plants that came with the others. They were Lady Scarlet and Little Grapette – both purple blooms.

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