Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce and Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach


11/26/2019 – I tilled the raised beds with the TroyBuilt cultivator in the north end of Rows 10 and 11 in the north half of the garden. Piper and Olivia raked the rows back into shape. I drew a 1/2″ deep slot in Row 10 for the spinach.

Piper planted Black Seeded Simpson lettuce in Row 11 and Olivia planted Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach in Row 10.

To hopefully get better germination:

  • Piper sprinkled the lettuce seeds on the freshly tilled and raked soil. They were not covered or packed in any way.
  • Olivia dropped the spinach seeds into a ~ 1/2″ deep groove and loose soil was pulled over them with the backside of a rake. The loose soil was not packed.

The soil temperature about 1″ down was 61 F. As we finished it began to drizzle and everyone rushed into the house.

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