Backyard-More Daylilies and Wood Ferns


4/7/2019 – Today we completed several major steps in the backyard beds.

  1. We moved four scalpings from other Wood Ferns to the former locations of the failed wildflower beds.
  2. We moved at least one clump of Hyperion reblooming daylilies from the Bay Tree bed to the bed with the water oak just south of the grain bin.
  3. Moved daylilies to the bed between the pecan trees with the started hydrangea from the original hydrangea at the back door.
  4. We dug up the Indigo that had grown out into the yard and planted them in the bed with the young hydrangea.
  5. See separate post about progress in the large garden.
  6. Not quite in the backyard is the Bay Tree Bed but it provided the Hyperion daylilies for the backyard beds. Once the daylilies were moved we planted a Julia Child rose at each end. We now have four of those roses.
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