April 3, Late Frost!!!


4/3/2021 – Low predicted to be 40° & Dew Point was to be 31°. The low was actually 34° and the ned point was also 34°. Therefore, When we should not have a frost we did—2 weeks after the 90% last frost date.

Thankfully, the heater was going in the greenhouse and the low there was only 57°.

At 4:30 AM, I saw the weather station data and realized we were about to lose the tomatoes, cucumber seedling, and maybe the squash. There were also the hydrangeas in the yard with a lot of tender new growth.

Between 4:40 and 5:00 AM took the new frost blankets out of the grain bin and covered all the above in both gardens. There was a lot of dew but no ice…yet.

By 5:30 the frost was showing on the roof and the grass. By 6:30 it was on almost everything that was not covered or under a tree. The ferns and shrimp plants under the old oak were fine as the grass under the oak had no frost, even though the grass outside its drip line was white.

After a few days yellow spots showed up on some leaves and some seedlings were hit more than others.

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