Annual Ryegrass for Ranger


9/15/2020 –

From MS State Extension:

Mixing ryegrass seed with fertilizer and broadcasting with spreader equipment is popular. This method offers easy planting, especially if you have limited planting equipment. When using this planting method, control the following factors to get satisfactory results:

  1. Blend the seeds thoroughly with the fertilizer.
  2. Plant the seeds the same day they are blended, especially where high rates of nitrogen fertilizer are used.
  3. Use narrow spreading patterns. Spread one-half of seeds at normal spreading width, then spread the other half by splitting the original tracks.

Do not mix freshly inoculated legume seed with fertilizer because fertilizer can damage the inoculant.

The planting date varies with location. Seeding can begin as early as August 15 in north Mississippi, whereas in extreme south Mississippi, ryegrass planting should not begin until mid-September. The seeding rate varies with the crop. Use 40 pounds of ryegrass alone or 30 pounds of ryegrass plus 90 [must mean 9] pounds of small grain. Broadcast the seed and cultipack or harrow following seeding.

Approximately 6 to 8 pounds of red and 2 pounds of white clover per acre make a good mixture [with Ryegrass]….and 30 lbs Ryegrass per acre. From here.

Also see:

For 1.1 acres, 49,200 SF, buy and spread:

  • For 1.1 acres, 49,200 SF buy and spread:
  • 35 lbs Ryegrass
  • 10 lbs red clover
  • 3 lbs white clover
  • At Flow Control setting of 1.5 it spreads 2.5 lbs./1,000 SF. 49k X 2.5 = ~ 125 lbs. to spread and mixed with the seeds above. Therefore, buy and spread 3 sacks of 15-0-15.

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