Lime to Adjust Pond’s Alkalinity


6/1/2020 – Based on the advice below, began adding pellitized lime to the pond to raise the alkalinity and the pH. Spread 50 lbs:

  • all the way around using the cyclone seeder that threw it out maybe 10 feet. Some landed on the bank and that will be good for it.
  • threw about 30 lbs of the 50 lb bag, beyond where the Cyclone Seeder had reached, by throwing it on the south side as the wind was blowing from the south. Almost reached the middle of the pond when the wind was blowing…and it was not blowing as hard as it often does.

This effort will be over a week or so when the wind is blowing correctly. Still need to spread 150 lbs.

Advice below is from IFAS here.

Mary REFUSED to help as the shovel person. Must look for another way.
  • Pond water with total alkalinity less than 20 ppm can benefit from liming.
  • Application of 4.5 pounds of lime per acre-foot of water (one acre of water that is one foot deep) will increase the total alkalinity approximately 1 ppm.

From pond Boss Forum

Hydrated Lime is Calcium Hydroxide. Ag/yard pelletized/pulverized lime is Calcium Carbonate and often includes Magnesium Carbonate…..they are very different!!! Last edited by Rainman; 02/17/20 07:19 PM.


Add the calcium carbonate in small amounts, to keep from making the water too alkaline, which will create an additional problem.

The Plan

Given the above, our 0.5 acre pond, which is an average of 4 ft deep, holds 2 acre-ft of water. At 4.5 lbs of lime per acre-foot we would apply 9 lbs. to raise the alkalinity 1 ppm. As we need to raise it 20 ppm, we would spread 9×20 or 180 lbs of Ag/yard pelletized/pulverized lime; i.e. Calcium Carbonate and often includes Magnesium Carbonate

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