Added Fathead Minnows & Shellcrackers to the Pond


11/5/2020 – Bought 500 fathead minnows (to the 500 that were added in February this year) and 100 Shellcrackers from Alabama Fish & Pond truck at St. Elmo F&S. The guy said there were probably 600-700 minnows in their bag.

Told him that our Coppernose Bluegills we got from him last February are 5″-6″ long. He said they begin spawning when 3″ long so we likely have had several spawns and should look for the little ones.

Came directly home and put the bags into the pond’s edge so the water temperatures would equalize.

Released them 15 minutes later and watch the hundreds of little dark minnows swarm around for a few seconds and then head out in columns into the pond. The Shellcrackers milled about then went out of sight.

Shellcracker, AKA Redear Fish
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