A work week and honoring a wonderful lady


DSC_0739.JPGMary and I spent the week of May 21-28 working at the farm as part of a sad time for the family-the funeral of Audrey Davis. Audrey was the matriarch of the farm working beside my father, Ray Davis, for 38 years. She lived a full christian life serving her family, the community and God.

Audrey came from a working background to the farm and worked beside dad in the garden and made a great home for him and their five grown children: Becky. me, Peggy, Lanier and Mary (not my wife Mary). Whenever, we came home there was always great meals, frozen vegetables to take home and a fruitcake every Christmas.


As my Mary spent the week working in the house in places Becky had not had time to do  during her stays with Audrey, and I cleaned up in the barn, we had many thoughts about how the farm lifestyle became too much for them in those final years and hope they are enjoying seeing things back the way they use to be. We were never allowed to do the things we can now do and wished we had insisted they let us. But, they were very proud and wanted us to come home and relax.

We want to gratefully acknowledge the many hours of hard work Becky had to have done to make the obvious great strides in cleaning their home.

A farm is not a place to relax.

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