4 Lightning Strikes in the Yard

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4/19/2019 – The storm that roared through last night tried hard to get us as lightning struck the power pole at the street shattering the top of the pole and leaving the top lying on top of the shattered stub. Ironically the wires supplying the house were left intact so we did not lose power.

In addition, the southmost pecan tree just outside the office window and the one next to it were also struck by lightning. Plus the large old tree immediately west of the driveway was struck. Four strikes in the same yard and all we lost was Mary’s PC and the DSL service line.

Alabama Power’s contractor, Heartland, replaced the shattered pole and had the power back on by 5 pm today as another line of storms came close from the north.

We had 1.25″ rain that was good for the garden but with it and the rain, there were far more small dead pecan limbs than last week littering the yard and especially the orchard.

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