Dad arriving home with fried chicken after picking up the tractor

This site shares the country home of Tom and Mary Davis. It also hopes to be a tribute to the farm and life of Tom’s father and Mary’s adopted father, Artis Ray Davis.

This website is managed by Tom and the posts are intended to be a personal log of progress, weather, animals, and a database of info useful in the management and maintenance of this special piece of God’s paradise. An additional purpose is to share the farm life of Grandpa and Grandma (i.e. us) with our grandkids. The posts they likely will find most interesting are found by clicking the tag “Grandkids”.

Dad, with Mom’s help until she passed then Audry’s, built the home, fields, and pastures while working full-time for 40+ years as an engineer for the telephone company and then 25+ years after retirement.

Spring 1991
Spring 1991

Dad occasionally chuckled and said he thought he should name the farm “Sundown Farms” as we were always working at sundown. Because something always needed to be done after he arrived home from his office in town–or Saturday was too short. He always pushed himself to be more.

He loved the land almost as much as he loved his family. To honor that love we will carry on the tradition of the land providing food, working to make a better America, and supporting the Christian life he practiced daily.

“To grow things is a sacrament. It is to labor in co-creation with the Almighty. It is not so much to make use of land, but to be well-used by it.”  Neill Archer Roan

All things we undertake shall contain integrity, compassion, elegance, and grace.
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