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Sweet pickle fly trap!

Thank you to Regina of Leap of Faith farm for the solution to our summer fly problems!
Step 1: Buy sweet pickles. 
Step 2: Eat the pickles, save the juice.
Step 3: Use a Philips head screwdriver and a hammer to tap 4 holes on the top, big enough for flies to get in.
Step 4: Wait two days for results like these, even with the ridiculous amounts of rain we’ve had.

No, Dill pickles won’t work. Has to be sweet to attract the flies.

Cut the top off a soft-drink or water bottle, put a little piece of meat in the bottom, add some water, put the top on upside down so that it’s like a funnel pointing down and hang it in a tree. The flies love it, but they can’t get out.

This one is very similar to the one that we have seen above, with the only difference that, it is more robust and can be reused.

To make this housefly trap we need following items:

  • An empty plastic bottle (soda bottle or water bottle)
  • A sharp knife
  • Cellophane Tape
  • Sugar Syrup

After you have collected all the items, take the knife and cut the plastic bottle as shown in the below image.

Cut the bottle

Next, drill a 1 cm hole in the cap of the bottle.


After this, pore the syrup in the lower part of the bottle and place the upper part upside down as shown.

join the bottle

Apply the cellophane tape on the edges to fix them properly.


A tip for increasing the effectiveness of any trap: flies naturally move towards light. If you paint the underside of the trap entrance black and the top a bright color. Also put a black cover over top of the trap with a 2-3cm gap by using dowels, sticks etc. with a bright color on the top. The cover can be cloth, cardboard, plastic, etc. so long as the underside is black. Now when the flies enter the trap, and look for bright spots, they won’t head back towards the trap entrance and possibly escape. It significantly increased the fly count when compared to an identical trap without the black right beside it.


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