Christmas 2017

December 24, 2017 – So, the week begins.

Christmas Day – Sorted through old boxes of stuff in the front guest room. Setup two sets of “LAN” shelves in the grain bin and moved a lot of stuff from the carport storage room there.

26th – Took old bed frame, bedclothes, lamp and nightstand to GoodWill.

Exchanged Fergie’s Battery for one that fits. Took mattress and other junk to landfill. Spread 40 lb sack fo granulated gypsum on old barn site where the ground is very hard. Dusted rat droppings off shelves in the storage room and Mary organized it. Moved a lot of things to the new shelves in the bin.

Dec. 29, 2017

27th, Wednesday – Rainy, cold morning. in afternoon went to Coast Design Kitchen & Bath talked to them about appliances and kitchen design. She called in Robert Mullen of Robert Mullen Builders to talk about interior construction.

28th – Another cold drizzly morning.

29th – Walked to Mary’s Springs and crossed the creek to the east side.  Walked to the southeast corner post and little ways north but not to the Beaver Pond.

30th – Planted Bay Laurel in the NE corner of the front yard and divided two Day Lilies and put half of each either side of the Bay. Rearranged other Day Lilies outside Guest Room windows. Sod saved from the Bay planting was planted in spots in the old barn site. Trimmed out rubbing branches in the Magnolia Frescati as they were also the ones that were not leafing out. and had a lot of lichens. Planted the Texas Laurels from Houston along the road fence south of the old barn site. Burned up the last of Dad’s tax returns and Peg took home a box of old 33 RPM records.

31st, Sunday – Cold, breezy and drizzled all morning. Went to Home Depot and bought containers to pack things for during renovation. Sorted out kitchen pots and filled three boxes.


  1. Ford Battery – Need 36″ cables, no. 2 gauge
  2. Replace pole in Barn – email Ted to see if he is available during Christmas
  3. Call Southern Dozer Wayne? down the road about the pond
  4. Ask Peggy who the gas company is
  5. Call the appliance people to find out about delivery options.

To Do There

  1. Till Meyer Lemon Spots
  2. Set corners with Frank
  3. Replace pole in Barn
  4. Rebuild switch box at the barn & Re-establish power to the grain bin.
  5. Maybe – demo closet in the utility room if we make room in the storage room for all the “stuff” that is in it.

Old Bring & Do list:


C clamps for JD tire


Cut expanded metal for grates for smoker

Buy install Fire Detectors

Go To back

Burn pile in Driskell field

Cut down dead tallows along ditch fence

Paint rust on gate

Seal tire to rim on JD mower

Buy hydraulic oil for Dad’s jack

Search for cypress log to support oak tree

Ask Ted to help with pole in pole barn

Find 4 lug wheels for disc

Talk to Structural engineer about patio

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