July 4, 2017 Work Week

Saturday, July 1 – JD cranked and we mowed the front and west yard. Capaciter on the AC compressor went out and Shane with ESTES replaced it. Charged tractor batteries.


  • Mary finished cutting the grass and I trimmed the back of the ditch that Ted had sprayed. Trimmed around pecans and various places.
  • Charged Fergie’s battery, replaced battery clamps and installed with felt insulators. She cranked quickly and then ran her around the pecan orchard in the shade.
  • A long-horned red cow had a calf across the street from the pecan orchard.


  • Ford would not spin fast enough to crank and the new battery would not take a charge. Bought a new 4DR LT from Dueitt’s Battery Supply,  251-478-1638, 3225 Springhill Ave. for $165.
  • Sprayed nettles and big weeds in the garden with Glyphosate + 2-4-D.
  • Mary weeded and trimmed crepe myrtles and got too hot.

Tuesday, July 4th

  • Installed new battery, it spun fast and cranked quickly. Attached Ted’s box blade with rippers and leveled old barn site.
  • HGeat index in the afternoon was 115 degrees so stayed inside a lot.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday – See post about new roof installation that began today.

Thursday and Friday – See post about Cain Trees topping and trimming pecan trees.

Saturday – Stacked all firewood in shed after splitting the large ones.

Sunday – Planted Pink bloomers and Mexican liriope from Houston: between pecans in the backyard; on yard side at the entrance gate and liriope in front of climbing roses. Smoked BBRibs and Chicken thighs on the Grt Smokey Mtn with pecan splits. Sprayed bleach on vinyl and green brick at carport. Moved the two sickly azaleas in the old barn grave site to the power pole at the street fence. Sealed Chimney brick at flue with roofing compound as the water has been ponding on the old uneven seal and running in a separation of the old seal and the flue.


  1. APEX installed “cricket” at Chimney.
  2. ESTES blew in Owens Corning’s AttiCat® Expanding Blown-In PINK® FIBERGLAS™ Insulation to the R-19 level (6″) in the house where it was already insulated and enough to be R-38 over the carport where the studio will be. $1,800 + $600. Spread cotton seed meal on all beds, crepes, roses, etc.
  3. APEX hauled off leftover shingles, underlayment, and other materials.
  4. Spread cotton seed meal
  5. Hauled limbs and old firewood to burn pile.

Summary of work on the house:

  1. Topped pecan trees
  2. Serviced AC unit
  3. new roof
  4. blown in insulation
  5. Met with Alabama Power and two electricians.

Next Trip


C clamp for JD tire to Seal tire to rim
Rim Seal
Horseradish to give to Peg


Pick up junk @ old barn site

Measure grates for smoker – Cut expanded metal to fit

Lime & fertilizer for Citrus Grove

Go to back & spray remedy

Burn pile in Driskell field

Cut down dead tallows along ditch fence

Apply Remedy on sweetgum stump

Paint rust on gates

Measure openings

Secure Shutter

Burn old papers

Move sage bush

Tie up Wisteria

Trim roses @ gate

Measure 1/2 bath faucet spread

Fireplace Vent cap – investigate alternatives

Get Fireplace cleaned – inspected

Clean brick on fireplace

Research lichen on azaleas

Top off Dad’s bottle jack with tractor hydraulic oil
Repair fire place vent cap

Update floor plan and talk to David

Chk on Tifoliate Orange in lane to see if killed

Settle on appliances

Search for cypress log to support oak tree

Ask Ted to help with pole in pole barn

Find 4 lug wheels for disc


Inspect heater

Fire Detectors

Talk to Structural engineer about patio

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